Rural Animal Husbandry And Mobile Veterinarians In Canada: How The Two Occupations Work Together

Animal husbandry in Canada is not just raising livestock for food. It also includes breeding better animals with better bloodlines and more desirable qualities, e.g., cows that produce more milk or horses with racing pedigrees. In order to keep your occupation alive and thriving, you need the help of a good veterinarian. Since your livestock or horses are probably located far outside of any major city in Canada, a mobile veterinarian is the best option for you. There are several ways in which your occupation and a mobile vet's occupation rely on and complement each other.

Breeding--the Epicenter of Animal Husbandry and a Vet's Care

Because breeding is at the very heart of animal husbandry, you need a mobile vet who can come and perform pregnancy checks on all of your female animals. You also need to know when your females are in heat and ready to breed or will be ready to breed soon. If you also rely on artificial insemination, then the vet can properly insert the semen samples into the uteri of your female animals and ensure that the animals' uteri will accept the semen. Once your animals have been verified as pregnant, they will need the prenatal care and support of a vet.

Diagnosing Fertility Problems

Just like humans, some animals have a difficult time getting or staying pregnant. A mobile vet can test and diagnose most of the problems your animals may be facing when they cannot get pregnant or carry a baby to term. Some of these problems, such as an overly hostile uterus, can be treated on the spot without driving your animals thirty, fifty or one hundred miles or more to the nearest animal fertility specialist (of which there are a very limited number in Canada).

Emergency Situations and Mobile Vets

Additionally, there are always going to be some pregnancy and delivery complications with your occupation that only a vet can fix. Horses and livestock that have been in labor too long cannot be transported to the nearest vet clinic or animal hospital. The stress of the transport and delivery could kill them. You need a vet that will come to you and help your animals give birth or remove the dead babies to save the mothers' lives and prevent septicemia. If your animal husbandry farm is far from any vet clinic or hospital, then it would be of little help to you anyway, even if you loaded your animals into a trailer and drove them to a clinic when the animals' labor starts, which is why it's crucial to have the help of a company like Mobile Veterinary Hospital Medical Care.