Learning About Lifesaving Vet Services

These Homemade Dog Treats Will Prevent Dehydration And Overheating This Summer

When the temperature rises, the risk of dehydration increases. While the best ways to prevent dehydration in dogs are to always provide plenty of water and keep your dog in a cool, comfortable place, taking extra measures to keep your dog's fluid levels up never hurts. This summer, make one of these tasty, hydrating dog treats, and feed them to your dog on hot days to encourage hydration.   Frozen Chicken and Veggie Bites Read More 

Rural Animal Husbandry And Mobile Veterinarians In Canada: How The Two Occupations Work Together

Animal husbandry in Canada is not just raising livestock for food. It also includes breeding better animals with better bloodlines and more desirable qualities, e.g., cows that produce more milk or horses with racing pedigrees. In order to keep your occupation alive and thriving, you need the help of a good veterinarian. Since your livestock or horses are probably located far outside of any major city in Canada, a mobile veterinarian is the best option for you. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Microchipping Pets

Most pet owners will do anything to keep their pets safe. One tactic that many are using is having a microchip implanted under the pet's skin. There are arguments for and against the practice. Before making your decision about the procedure, it is important you understand the pros and cons. Advantages The microchip procedure has many advantages for you and your pet, including it cannot get lost. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and fits under your pet's skin. Read More